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Empowering You To Achieve The Results You’ve Always Wanted

Imagine how amazing your fitness results can be when you know EXACTLY where you’re starting and precisely what results your Calgary personal training program is delivering.

With the Fit3D body scanner, you can say goodbye to measuring tapes and callipers and gain more insight into your fitness journey than ever before.

The Fit3D body scanner is one of the most revolutionary tools in the fitness industry, and is an absolute game-changer when it comes to:

  • Measuring your body composition

  • Wellness scoring

  • Ease of use

Together, these key features bring unparalleled results.

Body Composition and Measurements

When it comes to measuring your progress, body composition analysis is one of the surest ways to determine whether or not you’re on track. Weight isn’t the sole indicator of fitness: lean mass, body fat levels, and body measurements can all be used to assess your progress.  

The Fit3D Body Scanner provides information on:

  • Weight

  • Lean body mass

  • General body measurements

  • How you carry weight and where it is distributed 

Tip: Calgary weight loss clients are sometimes discouraged if the scale isn’t budging downwards, but the Fit3D can reveal shifts in body composition, like an increase in muscle mass, to give you more detailed and accurate measurement reports.


Wellness Scoring

Getting fit isn’t just about changing your appearance: your health and fitness are intertwined. That’s why Fit3D Body Scanner doesn’t stop at just giving you a breakdown of your body measurements.

Instead, this technology offers an extra dimension of analysis which is especially useful for clients who want to monitor their risks for conditions such as heart disease, anyone recovering from an injury and/or managing an ongoing health condition.

The Fit 3D Body Scanner also provides insight on:

  • An individual’s risk for heart disease

  • Posture

  • Muscle/Weight Imbalances

  • Edema-based swelling

  • Post-surgical atrophy and recovery

  • Adolescent growth (in the case of teens and young adults)

Tip: If you’re recovering from an injury, always clear your Calgary personal training program with a medical professional.




Even the most functional tool can be unappealing and less than helpful if it’s clunky or difficult to use. A Fit3D body scan is simple and streamlined from start to finish, and makes it easy for you consistently track your goals due to its unprecedented convenience

A scan takes just 40 seconds, and comes with none of the pitfalls of classic measuring, like human error, tediousness, or discomfort.

All scan reports are emailed directly to you and are also stored on an easy-to-access cloud reporting program. This makes it easy for you to view and compare reports, and ensures that both you and your personal trainer are always on the same page.

Tip: Your Calgary personal trainer can demonstrate which trends to monitor when reading your Fit3D reports.


Fit3D Helps You Train For Results

Finally, the ability to accurately track and view how your workouts are impacting your measurements can also keep you inspired and motivated while also empowering you to “train smart” with the guidance of your personal trainer.

Using the Fit3D’s metrics:

  • A personal trainer can design more efficient workouts tailored to your needs

  • You can see an objective breakdown of how the training is impacting your health and fitness levels

Tip: If you don’t live in Calgary, doing your personal training online, along with periodic Fit3D scans, can help keep you on track.


Contact Us

To experience this powerful new tool, contact us to schedule a consultation with our nutrition, weight loss and fitness coaches! You can get in touch with our team at 403-700-8205.

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